How often should You Wash Your Car in Bourton on the Water?

Your car is a valuable investment, and you spend a ton of money to own one. Time after time, you need to consider the charges in maintaining your vehicle or doing car valeting Bourton on the Water. Now, the question arises; how often do you wash your car? Our team in LJH Mobile Valeting can save you from spending a ton of money on tire rotation, oil changing, and brake pads.
Now, you do not have to worry about something as simple as washing cars or cleaning the internal parts of the vehicles?! Follow these steps to wash your car with water and other washable liquid:

Wash the Wheels First

Always remember, the wheels of the car may get dirty at first. So, it is necessary to clean the wheels and remove the dirt. Start washing and rinsing the wheels with a water jet. Don’t forget to follow the two-bucket method for cleaning the wheels; you need to fill one bucket with clean water and another one with shampoo or detergent water.

Once the filling completes, soak the washing sponge or mitts in the clean water before dipping it into shampoo water.

If you follow this method, much muck and dirt will get reduced. You will get fewer chances of scratches in the car.

Wash and Rinse the Full Body of the Car

You can rinse the whole car by using a mid-pressure water jet using a hand shower or pump. Likewise, you can lose the dirt of the body with liquid soap and shampoo. You may also use a wax washing solution to clean the body of the car properly.
You begin off shampooing each part of the car to the hood, roof, doors, and tail of your vehicle. After shampooing, you can rinse off the entire car and rub it to dry. Refrain from delay in rubbing to avoid watermarks.

Soak Up the Car and Polish

The next step of mobile valeting Bourton on the Water or cleaning the car is to soak up the liquid using a microfiber cloth. Moreover, never let the car air dry. You can use a cotton cloth and gently rub the wet body surface. You should also ensure that no watermark is present in the car. Moreover, the vehicle should be ready for polish. After that, use another microfiber cloth for polishing the entire surface of the light mobile by leaving the glass area free.

Clean the Glasses of the Window

The car detailing in Bourton on the Water includes cleaning the window glasses in your light mobile vehicle. Don’t use polish on the windshield area or other glass area of the car. You can use a separate window cleaner for cleaning the internal and external areas of the windows in your vehicle.
Wipe all the stubborn bird droppings off the windshield. Clear out the windows of the car with the help of the cotton cloth.

Wrapping Up  

The car valeting in Bourton on the Water includes the above-said steps. If you follow these steps for cleaning the vehicle, maintenance of the light mobile can be easy. If you want to get the car valeting service from our professionals, you can contact us at 07838 076 801. You may also email us at to know more about us.

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