Dirty Cars Impose Covid-19 Risk for Mechanics – Explore the Details

A dirty car is no joke. It’s a breeding ground for viruses and germs as the living particles stick to the car surfaces such as gear sticks, door handles and steering wheels. When the car is not regularly cleaned, it can be a hotspot for bacteria to grow. Coronavirus transmission is possible through car interiors as vehicle experts warn the public.

A greasy and smeared vehicle contains more germs than a toilet seat.

Zero Deposit Car Leasing has carried out a study that shows only 47% of British drivers take the vehicle for a car wash in Oxford for its interior cleaning if it appears dirty. Experts are of the view that dirty car interiors are no less risky when it comes to the spread of the Covid-19 virus to technicians and passengers working on the vehicle.

We understand that it can be hectic and tiring to clean a car interior. It becomes more intense when you also include light valeting in Oxford during a car wash. But it can protect you from getting infected. However, a clean and tidy looking vehicle doesn’t guarantee that it does not impose any threat to you and your family’s health.

As you won’t remain unclean for months, the same applies to your car as well. Keeping your car clean becomes more important when you are driving it every day or visiting highly infectious places such as hospitals or airports.

The study also shows many drivers leave their car seats and floors dirty for weeks. Most drivers don’t take the car cleaning part seriously. It’s not a task that sits at the top of their lists. But letting the grease and dirt pile up inside can lead to severe sickness.

It’s also advised to keep hand sanitiser and anti-disinfectant wipes in the car to wipe down spillages and keep the hands bacteria-free.

As the spread of the virus is still not under control, it’s vital we all take our roles seriously in reducing its spread.

Car valeting checklist:

Driver’s seat

  • Steering wheel

  • Car horn

  • Power Button

  • Control stalks

  • Ignition

  • Keys


  • Seatbelts

  • Headrests

  • Seat adjust controls

  • Seat pockets


  • Air vents

  • Radio/Screen

  • Heating controls

  • Gearstick

Doors and Roof

  • Door handles

  • Window switches

  • Door pocket

  • Grab handles

  • Interior lights


  • Glove box

  • Log-book

  • Cupholders

  • Central storage

  • Bonnet release lever

It’s better to wait for three days before cleaning your vehicles once you’ve used them. Waiting for up to 3 days after using your vehicle can lead to a reduced amount of harmful living particles on car surfaces.

Use of personal protective equipment or PPE is mandatory when you’re dealing with non-healthcare settings.

If you suspect a Coronavirus patient has travelled with you, protect yourself from the possible infection by wearing gloves (preferably disposable) and an apron (preferably disposable) during the cleaning.

How to disinfect your car if a car detailing company is not available?

  • A lot can be done with very little. All you need is:

  • bleach-free disinfectant

  • bin liners

After cleaning

Once you’re done with the thorough cleaning process, keep disposable gloves and aprons in bin-liners and keep them securely for the next three days before throwing them away.

If you’re working with non-disposable clothing, wash them following the manufacturer’s instructions and use the warmest water setting.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after removing aprons, gloves and other protective clothing.

As the pandemic outbreak has taken a serious form, it’s impossible to turn a deaf ear to it. From television channels to radio stations to newspapers to social media sites – the outbreak is a hot topic everywhere.  However, the chances of making your vehicle sick are still not discussed as much as the virus itself.

We at LJH Mobile Valeting, a car detailing company in Oxford are ready to help you to keep your vehicle clean to reduce the spread of the virus.

We suggest focusing a bit more on the steering wheel as it’s always one of the nastiest parts of any vehicle. Use disinfecting wipes to clean the entire surface of the steering wheel including the voice control section, cruise control parts, navigation, paddle shift levers and gear selector lever.

What not to use

Never use any kind of bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the vehicle’s interior. It might put an end to the coronavirus germs, but the damage to the vinyl and plastics decoration will be enough to cost you a few hundreds of pounds at least.

If all these tips seem a bit too hectic to follow, worry not! Just get in touch with LJH Mobile Valeting, a premium company for car valeting in Oxford to keep your vehicle germ-free and the passengers safe. Visit the website for more information

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